May in the garden

Le Petit Martinaud south border cypress trees
Looking south to vines 
Le Petit Martinaud south border
South view with Liquidambar tree
Archie 1407(2).JPG

Since coming back from London the garden is burgeoning with new growth. The 21 roses I planted before Christmas all have buds and Harlow Carr is flowering . However some small creature has been creeping up and eating the buds at night, so I have been putting down organic slug pellets and keeping my fingers crossed.

On the potager the spinach, Swiss chard, and spring cabbage, red cabbage and cauliflowers are still cropping. I’ve planted potatoes round the second (new) potager and have just been weeding round them.

The existing shrubs in the woodland border are all flowering, white and yellow flowers – broom, choisya and spiraea. The new shrubs I planted in March are all thriving, so all the rain has helped them to establish.

I have a lot of vegetable plants waiting in the plant house for planting. I’ve already planted 12 bean plants and am covering them every night or if it looks windy/stormy with a plastic tunnel. Archie my cat is always keen on getting into tunnels and sitting inside.




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